Dear reader, 

On the 8th of August, I was on the other side of the sea for 24 hours, with a small group of artists. 
Some of us went there to ask people about the Brexit. I was going because of a different reason I red on the internet. Also, according to Stena Line everyone deserves a break. 

'It could be the outcome of traveling that you realize that you are not living where you want.' 

Right. So, I checked out the houses, the cars, the supermarktes and other facilities. 

To make sure I did not forget about my current home, I put up nine flags upon the shore. Each contained an image as a representation and reminder of home. In case of relapse it would cure my homesickness. 

During the trip I learned some new swear words from a biker who got almost hit by a buss, I took pictures of a bunch of houses and I was chased by a real-estate man.

I found out that they do like pets. 

Kind regards, 

Marilou Klapwijk


On display: Video-installation at Fort 1881, Hoek van Holland

Closing date: September 23, 2018