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‘Everybody deserves a break’ | One-day expedition

On the 8th of August I went to the other side of the sea with a small group of artists. We traveled by boat and spent 24 HRS on shore. An impression of our first findings were on display at Fort 1881 in Hoek van Holland.

August 2018 - ongoing

Fellow artists: Onno Dirker, Christian van der Kooij, Charlotte de Goey



As Far As I Can Reach | Group-exhibition

‘The desire to always reach for the higher is the central theme of the group exhibition As Far As I Can Reach. Based on this theme, the five participating artists made new works for this occasion. Although their work and methods are completely different, they all have one similar fascination: the magic of everyday scenes.’

June 2018 

The exhibition was created at the invitation of Quartair, Den Haag.
Fellow artists: Liza Wolters, Mike Moonen, Sophia den Breems and Gordon Meuleman



Sweetness and other life-threatening situations | Solo

The exhibition could be seen as a life-size book based on the series of illustrations ‘Sweetness & Other Life-Threatening Situations’ and was supplemented with videos, animations, objects, writings and photographs.

The exhibition was created at the invitation of Meraki Agency

November 2017






For over a month, a couple of times a week, I listened to a live radio on Youtube: Lo-Fi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 (or something similar). Together with the constantly repeating video of a girl writing, a rainy view or a smoking teddy, there is a chat room available for all listeners. People from all around the world can leave a message consisting of 200 letters. These things other people say caught my attention as soon somebody claimed Pluto was not a planet. I started wondering how these anonymous chatters were hanging around as if they were in a nightclub. Some of them appear to know each other. Others were just lurking for some attention by saying something weird, weird but probably very honest. Because everybody replies at the same time, there will never be a complete conversation. We are left with only fragments; people are just saying.

160 pages
First edition comping up
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The book contains a selection of several short writings, drawings, photographs and video-stills. It gives an inside in my artists’ archive. The content was collected and created around 2017. ‘And related Matters’ was initially created as an attachment to the exhibition ‘Sweetness & Other Life-Threatening Situations’ to give inside in the background of the series of illustrations.
You can also find a copy at my local bookstore: Page_not_found, Den Haag

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‘The best of sleepover was breakfast’

Series of images printed on flags
Ongoing project

First display:
Fort 1881, Hoek van Holland
August 8 till September 23, 2018

‘50 days surrendered to the wind’

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